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  • Fast Track ETO cadetship

    Could anyone one tell me about Fast Track ETO cadetship with Carnival UK? I am doing the fast track route.I hold a degree in electrical engineering and I qualify for a fast track route.

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    Re: Fast Track ETO cadetship

    A guy in my college was on a fast track engineering course due to holding a degree in engineering. Basically he spent all his time in the workshop as there is a minimum workshop time requirement to complete your cadetship. He also did a few ship familiarisation courses.
    I think he was at college for 5 months.


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      Re: Fast Track ETO cadetship

      I'm not quite clear what you're after?
      You've been offered a fast-track ETO cadetship with Carnival? Or you're applying?
      Haven't they given you any info about it?

      You'd probably only be able to do it at STC, because that's where the only dedicated FdEng EE (ETO) course is.

      In general I think you have to have a decent electrical background to do it (despite whatever they may say or advertise), this means either an Electrical or Electrical & Electronic degree.
      I suspect that Electronics on it's own, or Mechatronics for example, lacks enough background and familiarity with electrical systems and things to be able to cut out the class time (not that the MCA Letter of Initial Assessment assessors are necessarily going to know beyond the names of things!).

      If your degree is Electrical only, then you would probably have to get up to speed with the Electronic side of things: they are different, even if they sound like they might be the same. That might mean antennas and propagation, RF engineering, bit of analogue and digital circuit faultfinding, bit of control engineering (PLCs usually), and on a cruise ship, disco lights, ventilation and lighting, kitchen and AV equipment, and a bit of pretend safety testing with those Seaward boxes, as well as generators, HV, and propulsion systems.
      AFAIK the FdEng EE leans more to the electrical side than the electronic... but we'll find out as our electro members get going on their courses I suppose - we haven't got a detailed syllabus yet, or any idea of the breadth and depth of topics covered.

      Glad to have more sparkies on board though!
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        Re: Fast Track ETO cadetship

        I hold a degree in Electronics. I have an interview next week ...


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          Re: Fast Track ETO cadetship

          Best of luck hbc1980, I I are doing the ETO course via Carnival, and likewise I hold a degree in Electronic Engineering but I have opted to start from the bottom up as such, as the job I?ve been doing for the past 5 years hasn?t really allowed me to use my degree to its full potential

          If successful you will probably find yourself at STC, hopefully another ETO on board!

          All the best

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