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  • SMarT

    Hi all,

    Got my joining instructions through from Clyde.

    The letter mentions that I am being 'registered for Support for Maritime Training (SMarT) monies'. Does anyone know what this is? Would like to think I'm getting a bit of extra cash, but I reckon that probably isn't the case .


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    Re: SMarT

    Nah it's just a mysterious organisation mentioned once which you'll never hear of ever again. You will be getting the rate stated 170/week.


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      Re: SMarT

      Its the agency that deals with the government funding, that your company gets for having you. They need your permission to pass your personal details onto them so that they get paid.

      You'll never hear anything about them again

      They just have to inform you that they are registering you with the scheme, as if you apply anywhere else after being registered, the company that takes you on wont get funding (and hence most likely wouldn't take you on)
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