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Ex-engine wanting to go Deck department

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  • Ex-engine wanting to go Deck department

    I'm in need of some advice/facts/words of wisdom, whatever I can get really. Basically I want to move over to the deck department however I quit my engine cadetship in phase 5 (I wasn't enjoying it) will this affect my chances of obtaining another cadetship or do I have to wait a certain period of time to be eligible to apply for another?

    I have all basic STCW 95.. PST, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Elementary First Aid, Security Awareness, Firefighting even have a High Voltage certificate as well. Also have a valid ENG1 Medical, Discharge Book, Panamanian Visa, US Visa, Yellow Fever vaccine booklet.

    Any input/comments are much appreciated



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    From what I know getting SMarT funding a 2nd time is more-or-less impossible.

    Might be worth trying to get in contact with one of the North Sea companies and seeing if they will take you on as a trainee deckhand, then after you have enough seatime you can go for the CoC.


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      The RFA might also be an option. Do appreciate that it's a competitive market now and you will be up against hundreds of suitable applicants, so will really need to prove yourself.


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        Having been in a similar position in the past, you're going to have to have a pretty solid reason for how it would be different were you to be given a second shot at a cadetship. I can imagine that it would appear to be a gamble to give you a second shot. That being said, there's no harm in trying. I do know that the RFA are taking on and may be more willing to invest in you.
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