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  • I'm not doing to well

    I've had two interviews, one with Maersk, the other Anglo Eastern and on both occasions I've been successful. When it comes to the tests, I've smashed them out of the park so on that accord I think I measure up well against the competition. I have good GCSEs, A Levels and a degree, so from an educational standpoint I think I am in good stead.

    But for some reason I've been overlooked. I am yet to receive feedback from Anglo Eastern, but the Maersk feedback stated that they felt that it was hard to extract answers from me, which I personally couldn't believe, as I feel I was very talkative and when required gave detailed and varied responses.

    An Engineering Cadetship is something that I really want to pursue and it is disappointing to have been knocked back twice.

    Does any body have any advice for myself moving forward, whether it be interview advice or anything of sorts.


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    I don't no if you have already done this, but I spoke to a current maersk engine cadet who is currently on his sea phase and said that you will need to do some research but the company before the interview. (Company's values, ship types etc). I think this shows them that you that you really want the position.

    mabye some some of the current officers and cadets will give you more detailed advice
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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      Personally, I didn't need to know anything about the actual ships, apart from which end is which, so I doubt that's the problem - perhaps knowing roughly what the different branches of a company do might help (eg Svitzer, DFDS, Maerskline).

      As for extracting answers, If it's a question that I struggled with, I'd suggest bending it around to something I knew could help it, and lead to more questions. At my AE interview, we ended up chatting about random things that were almost entirely irrelevant, but built up a good rapport. Even if my answers weren't spectacular, I think being able to make an impression on that side probably helped!

      Is there someone you could arrange a practice interview with, or get advice on technique? I'm sure a more experienced member will be along, and they'll be able to help you better. Hatchorder is a particularly useful contact to have, though his speciality seems to be CVs!

      Good luck!


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        Sometimes cadets at interviews will talk lots, but not actually answer the question that was asked. Try asking family members to give you mock interviews and the such. See if you can put together a few typical questions that you know will be asked (why do you want to go to see? etc) and write out your ideal answers, to help you think through them properly.


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          The advice i got was + some of my own...
          sell yourself
          Have stories and examples from previous jobs/experiences where you've used teamwork, been under pressure, achieved things.
          talk about family if they were in the MN, that your from a hard working background.
          be passionate about your reasons for wanting to go to sea, dont go into travel because i imagine its pretty much just terminals you see. I mentioned working and learning with/from various cultures for a global company.
          Have an example of when youve been hands on fixing things, bike/car/diy!?
          Mention youve researched and spoke to people about the idea of it as a long term career youll and you feel like your perfect for it.
          If you get asked about a weakness go with something like too much attention to detail.
          Most importantly be serious but also friendly.. they need to know you can fit in well. I remember when i turned up to maersk, reception was full of what i assumed would be potential cadets sat silently so i sat down and started asking them if that was the case, what they were going for, where they were from etc...
          Never know whos listening....

          Good luck. Apologies for the dreadful grammer, mobiles not playing very well!


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            General interview skills are very useful to have - There are tons of books, youtube videos etc out there, I am currently studying at uni and they sometimes hold seminars open to the public on the topic, perhaps worth a google for your area? Focus on things like turning your negative strengths into positives, saying what the interviewer wants to hear/what they're looking for, etc.
            "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out" ~ John Wooden

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              I got offered five cadetships.... It got to the point where I was interviewing the companies to find out why I should choose them. I actually thought for a while that the companies took on everyone to get the smart fund and cheap labour, but seemingly that's not the case.


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                Originally posted by Mechanic View Post
                I got offered five cadetships....
                How long ago was this? The market has changed quite a lot in the last five years or so.


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                  2007.... Not exactly the dark ages but I guess the job has become more popular since then!


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                    Not to mention the huge recession and uni fee increase since then...

                    Back on track, hope the OP is getting on alright?

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                      Originally posted by Inland Pirate View Post
                      Not to mention the huge recession and uni fee increase since then...

                      Back on track, hope the OP is getting on alright?

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                      I only have a few companies and training establishments left.

                      Clyde Marine - Replied only the other day saying they'd be in touch in due course regarding my application.

                      BP - On their online job portal my application is marked as 'received', after sending them an email I received a response 10 days ago saying they will progressively respond to candidates.

                      Shell - Acknowledgement of application but no reply to a follow up email inquiring about the progress of my application.

                      James Fisher - Applied but have not been able to get a response via email.

                      SSTG - Acknowledgement of application.

                      Hopefully something comes from the above, being knocked back by Maersk and Angloe Eastern has been disheartening, but I'm just going to take it on the chin and learn from it.


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                        One thing I was told at the open day was to not take it too personally if you do get knocked back by some companies.

                        I came into it all thinking that X, Y, or Z would be the top places to be, and I'd definitely get an offer from A, B or C.

                        I got offers from companies I didn't really expect, but then rejections from places I (arrogantly) thought I would walk straight in to.

                        Different recruiters are looking for different things, so the fact only 2 companies have knocked you back doesn't mean that you haven't done well!

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                          Shell aren't planning on arranging interviews until mid July, that's what they told me at least. Where is your selected interview location for Clyde?


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                            Interviews in July for a September intake seems very late, it leaves a short time for doing the paperwork and the ENG1 if selected.

                            I believe the companies have already made most of their selection for September 2014 , or maybe they have a few remaining interviews left this month for completing the intake.

                            I believe interviews in the month of July or later are for the January intake.

                            Anyone has experience of very late applications ?


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                              Last year and the year before there were people having interviews until the last minute, and some getting cadet ships just a week or a few days before college started.

                              There will be people who have passed interviews that don't pass ENG 1 there will be those whose exam grades don't make the grade. There will be those whose references don't match up.
                              There will also be those who have accepted multiple offers but wait until the last interview before declining all except their favourite option. So places do come up.

                              As far as I can remember my son had his interview in July, but that year was the year the funding was messed about with and there was a lot of last minute happenings with many companies.