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    Hi wondering if anyone could help. I've received a timetable type thing for cadetship. 1st sea time is from April to nov. my question is are you away that full time on 1 ship? Or is it spilt into trips? With leave in between?
    Many thanks in advance

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    It depends, on company and ship type, but proably not
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      Probably not??
      Spilt into trips or away for one trip ?


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        from what i know it totally depends on your company so your best off to ask them!
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          My experience was 3 sets of 5-6 months on one ship, which covered the full sea phases. Other guys/girls had 2/3 trips of a couple of months each. As stated, varies massively dependant on company. Who are you with?


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            It's completely dependant on the company you are with. In my first sea phase with Maersk I did two 3 month trips, whereas there are guys with zodiac who did 4-5 month trips, then offshore guys did 4-6 weeks. And the same applied in my final sea phase