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    I am a young guy with an ambition to become a deck officer in the future.

    I have a C in English Media, and I'm currently wondering if this counts when companies say you need a Grade C in GCSE English?


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    Most companies will specifically ask for a C grade in English literature and English language - Infact, most (if not all) colleges will ask for Cs in English language and English literature... So even if you managed to find a company which would accept you without a C in those subjects, It'd be a challenge to find a college which would take you.

    EDIT : See Hatchorders post below.

    If you really want a career at sea, there's nothing stopping you from attending GCSE English night classes - It'll show you're determined to follow your ambition.
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      A C in Media is not the same as a C in English Language, so in short, no.

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