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Chiltern sponsor companies?

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  • Chiltern sponsor companies?

    I am just looking to know what sponsor companies are linked with Chiltern?
    Also has anyone had any experience with them as cadets?

    There is not an awful lot of information on the website unfortunately.

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    Chiltern basically do the administration of the Trinity House, MEF and perhaps a few other charitable scholarship schemes. Their sister company Viking are linked with HAL and some other cruise lines.
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      I am a Chiltern Deck Cadet, funded through MEF (Marine Education Fund). Chiltern provide my sea time and look after my training, you'll be assigned a training coordinator from Chiltern and they are responsible for sorting your ships, college visits, checking on your TRB and Nav Ops workbook.

      As mentioned above Chiltern provide training for Viking, Trinity House, MEF, and Maritime London (so I believe)

      Chiltern cadets go on various types of ships, iv been on a Buoy tender, ferry and about to go on a tanker.

      If you need anymore info on Chiltern life I will be happy to help