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  • application for Maersk

    Im getting my CV and Personal Statement ready for Maersk and im wondering if everyone just uploaded there CV on the Maersk website or did anyone send it via, post.
    please let me know as soon as possible.
    thank you

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    I spoke to a maersk cadet who uploaded it via the maersk website
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      Use the application form on

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        I went through the maersk website for my application with them. Ended up with an interview so I know that way works just fine


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          thank you so much


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            Originally posted by pukkall View Post
            thank you so much
            I believe that Maersk have completed recruitment for September and I do not know if they have any intake planned for January. Unfortunately they were one of those that never responded to my questionnaire that is in this thread:

            So I am sorry I cannot help you any further. I have asked them twice but still no response.

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              I applied for Maersk 2 or 3 weeks ago. I then emailed a week after that and they said they had filled their September slot and they will not be taking till September 2015 and were keeping my application on file.

              Hate to be the bearer of bad news....