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    I was talking to a friend at college today about personal statements and he has recently been accepted into the royal navy, that when writing a person statement i should hand write it because it stands out from everyone's.
    would anyone agree/disagree to what he said?
    please help and im getting a personal statement together and will be sending it off to shipping company's such a Maersk and Bp for September 2015 and want to stand out.

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    Personally I would disagree and just put it in print ?


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      I'd say print it. Unless your handwriting is amazingly easy to read, or you have amazing spelling and grammar skills - Nothing looks worse than a personal statement full of mistakes!
      Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

      Will work for money/sea time.


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        I don't think it matters, however I think a typed version would look neater and would give a better impression. It's the content that matters ultimately. Best of luck
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