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  • Personal Statement Help!!

    Hello everyone I'm an aspiring female deck officer cadet and I'm trying to write an very convincing personal statement. But I'm not good with words. Could anyone give me any help on what I can say on why I would like to be in the merchant navy.
    I know I want to travel the world and the pay is good and it is rewarding and it's an opportunity of a lifetime.
    I hope anyone could help me ..

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    Only you can really answer why you would want to join the merchant navy. It's all about first impressions. Make yourself stand out. Just be honest and as soppy as it sounds go from the heart....

    Dont just dream, Go and do it!!


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      Put in stuff about how good you are at teamwork, working under pressure, working with people from different nationalities, dealing with difficult situations etc etc. Try to stay away from the "travelling the world" side of things. You might end up on a standby boat in the North Sea...not much travelling there! And tailor your statement to whatever company you are applying to. For example a statement for a cruise ship would be slightly different to that of an application for a company that operates oil tankers. Put in anything you have that is related experience or backs up statements you make. For example if you say you work well in teams try to give examples.


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        thank you for your response i think i hopefully have a winner in what i am writing with the information you said to include im going to give it to my teacher tomorrow to have a look at and see what he thinks!
        thank you very much x


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          Before you write it Answer this question : Why ? Why do you want to join the merchant Navy, Why do you want such a career ? I answered that when my employability officer asked me that and witin weeks I had an amazing Personal statement!
          ~Con Affetto
          ~Abdul R. Rafiq

          ~It's your dream! If you want it to happen, Get your butt up and make it happen. If you want it to happen, Rise and Grind.