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  • Applications and minimum academic requirements

    Like most aspiring cadets I've spent the last few weeks researching and applying to sponsorship/training companies and I've now got my fingers crossed for some responses (so far I've received one from CMT). One problem I have found is that many of them ask for a B in maths when applying for the HND/C course and I only obtained a C; I discussed this with quite a few of the representatives at one of the open days and got a mixed response but many said if I didn't get a place this year it's be worth going back and trying for a higher maths grade, which I'm perfectly happy to do if it comes to that.
    However, I was wondering if it was worth applying now to the few companies still taking apps even if I don't reach their minimum standard on the off chance they might offer me an interview or are they going to take one look at my grades and click delete?
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    If they've specified a minimum requirement which you don't reach, unless your not a direct school entry candidate I would expect them to simply bin the application.

    Unfortunately they are unlikely to have a lack of applicants for the positions.

    However, ultimately it's up to yourself.
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      Nothing wrong with doing both surely? Send it in the off chance they'll take you, but do the maths as well? At the very least, it'll be a handy refresher for the start of college!

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        @alistairuk Yeah, that's what I thought unfortunately. It's not like they're struggling to fill places.

        @Inland Pirate My plan is to see how I do with the ones I've applied to and any interviews I get and then if I don't get a place for this September I'll do a GCSE Maths course and try and get in for January '15. I've got my fingers crossed for getting in this year but I won't be too gutted if I have to wait till next year.
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