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    Hi all,
    Just got started on here and think it's brilliant!

    Quick question that may result in a complicated answer... Basically want to know if there's any real advantage to undergoing sponsorship with Maersk, other than the fact that they're massively well known.

    I'm an aspiring engine cadet hoping to attend Warsash in September. I've had a few interviews and a few sponsorship offers that are happy to wait a couple of weeks before I get back to them which is great. I had my Maersk interview the other day and I thought it went really well and my interviewer basically hinted at them offering me a cadetship offer within the week. Maersk themselves claim to be the biggest and best around and I've heard elsewhere that they're the big boys that you really should go with. Thing is I really like the sound of one of my other offers, even though they are a significantly smaller company. Any info on Maersk is really appreciated! Would I be stupid to reject an offer from them giving their size and ambition?

    Sorry about the essay I've just written!
    Many thanks!

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    Who are your other offers with? Maersk are a decent outfit but that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't better companies out there (of course there are a lot worse companies also). So if you let us know who else you've got and we can compare.


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      I would say yes. There's not many better companies and you've got a good chance of a job when you qualify. The only other company for an engineer cadet that would be better (in my opinion) would be BP.

      With Maersk you might get on few different types of ship which can be beneficial in the future.