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    Hey Guys,

    I'm new here and I have recently received an offer to start my cadetship at Warsash in September, but I have a few questions.

    The company wants me to write back and confirm there offer, but once I do this can I still accept offers from other company's if the opportunity arises?

    What is the process from here, do I pass my ENG 1 and then they send me out a contract?


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    Firstly well done on getting an offer, You wont be breaking a contract if you simply have sent a letter confirming that you will accept the offer, so yes it would be still possible to jump ship (har har) and take another company if they offer as well. Once you sign a contract then it does change things as whatever claw back they have written in is valid from day one. Im pretty sure we did Eng1 after signing a contract but before college. but it could have been before the contract

    I wouldn't advise not replying if they have asked for a letter, a week or so is ok but after that they may assume you just don't care enough
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      Same thing has just been asked here:

      See post 5 for my advice.

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