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  • Boston Putford Interview

    Hello Everyone,

    In January I had an interview for a cadetship for an Engineer Cadet with SSTG which I got accepted for. Today I received an email inviting me for an interview with Boston Putford at Lowestoft and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips or pointers regarding the type of questions I may be asked in the interview. Iwant it so so bad and I am already getting nervous and worried about it.

    Kind Regards

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    I don't know much about what you will be asked but Boston own standby vessels used in the southern North Sea at the gas rigs.

    Pretty old fleet but I'm sure they have wifi and sky.


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      Hi cameron,

      I had my interview with them last November just before i went on my observation trip. The interview isn't really an interview, when i went Emma spoke to me about going out to sea and gave me my PPE. It was informal so no suit etc was needed. I was on the Centrica Pride which had freeview/wifi and all the crew were helpful and friendly. I am a Deck cadet but i think it will be the same. Any questions just PM me.


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        Hi Mate,

        I'm a 2nd year deck cadet with Putfords- don't worry about the interview, it's just signing paperwork, getting photo ID and PPE etc, welcome to the crew. The only question I was asked was if I needed a pee.

        The ships are alright, nothing fancy but we get free wifi in the evening and lunch which is more than almost all companies.

        hope that helped,