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    Afternoon all,

    I was wondering if I could pick your brains a little about starting a cadetship if I may?

    I have been looking in to a sponsored cadetship for some time now and it is something that I feel passionate about doing, I have the required qualifications and have researched the appropriate companies. My issue lies in my personal life, I am due to get married this July and have 2 children (I am 27). Financially the cadetship wouldn't be a problem, I am just concerned about the impact it may have on my family life due to the long periods of time spent away from home while learning.

    If anyone on the forum has been in a similar situation to this and would like to share their experience that would be fantastic.

    Thank you

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    If you live near to one of the colleges then, in your circumstances, I think most employers will allow you to study at a college nearby, which would mean that you could either live at home or at the very least travel home for the weekends.

    It is probably more difficult as a cadet than as a qualified officer, if you work time on / time off once qualified then IMHO you actually get to see more of your kids growing up than you would do working 9 to 5 in an office.

    If your kids are old enough to be able to talk to you on Skype then that also makes things much easier.
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      Thank you for the quick response.

      I live down in the South East and at first glance there doesnt seem to be anything close by.

      My main concern is while I am training because like you said in the post the time spent away is less structured then when you become a qualified officer. It is something that I have my heart set on doing and thankfully I have a very supportive wife to be who thinks I should persue it but my head is telling me that it will be difficult to manage my time away from the children.


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        Depends what company you get sponsored by. If you try and go for something North Sea based or perhaps ferries your time away during training might not be so bad. Obviously you will still need to get your 12 months in but it might be more likely to be away for a couple of months and then home for a week or two and then away again for another couple of months rather than away for 4 or 5 months straight which would be fairly typical if you ended up doing something deep sea. If you live in the south east then Warsash is probably closest and whilst it may not be practical to live at home, getting home on weekends should be fairly do-able I would've thought?


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          In an ideal world (this is a long shot mind) I have been looking at doing my application through SSTG who happen to have P&O Ferries as one of there member companies and as I live in Dover this would be perfect. I have also looked at Warshash and like you say I could quite easily travel home for the weekend from there.

          The stars would very much have to allign for this to happen though,


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            Get applying to them then! I did my cadetship through SSTG and in my experience they are pretty understanding and accommodating so if there is still spaces with P&O Ferries then in your circumstances I reckon they wouldn't have an issue placing you with them. If there are still spaces. Otherwise have a scout around the other ferry companies and see who they recruit through and get applying.


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              P&O Ferries at Dover is 1 week on/ 1 week off if thats any help.


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                Thanks for everyone's replies I am feeling more positive about things, think I am going to start my application tonight.


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                  That's for qualified officers/live-on crew. Cadets spend more time on board to get the seatime in.

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                    Have a serious look at travelling from Newcastle to Dover, I can't imagine that travelling all the way along the South Coast will be that much quicker.
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