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Who is still recruiting?

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  • Who is still recruiting?

    Hi all,

    I have contacted all of the recruiting Companies asking about their current recruitment process. Below is a table showing their current status. Those Companies at the top are the most active and have kept us up to date. Some companies have not responded to us for their own reasons. Please do not comment in this thread. There is a seperate thread HERE which you can comment and post in. I will make it a sticky and leave it at the first post only plus any comments that the mods make to keep it to one page. I will try to keep it up to date and post any comments from recruiters that they send to me.

    UPDATED FOR RECRUITMENT Jan/Feb 2018 and September 2018

    Company Name Recruiting for Jan 18? Recruiting for Sept 18? Notes Web, Form or CV Companies recruiting for Updated
    James Fisher Yes (Feb 18) - 2 spaces left Yes - 6 HNC or FD places. Deck or Engine - split depends on suitable applicants
    All training at Fleetwood College

    The easiest way to apply is to download the application form on their website at at the bottom of the page and returning it to
    Shell To be confirmed Yes 10 Total:
    6 Engineers
    4 Deck
    Still no confirmation of need for ETO’s. They receive applications on line thorough a dedicated email address N/A 10/10/17
    BP JAN 19 Yes Total 28:
    12 Deck
    12 Engineer
    4 ETO
    Launch recruitment for Sept 2018 and Jan 2019 on 1st November for 3 months. All applications through N/A 10/10/17
    Anglo Eastern Yes - 17 Yes - 14 January
    14 FD and 3 HND for Subsea 7 (Deck, Engine and ETO – but big focus on ETO’s)
    10 FD for Hadley Shipping, 4 HNC for DAO (Deck & Engine)
    Online application through website or cv to their email Subsea 7,
    Hadley Shipping,
    SSTG Yes - 44 Yes - 101 January
    Deck 17 Engineers 23 and 4 ETOs (CMA-CGM, OOCL, P&O, MEF, North Star, Boston Putford, Whitaker Tankers, Tarmac Lafarge)
    40 Deck 55 engineer and 6 ETOs
    Online Application Form

    Incomplete application forms will not be considered.
    CMA-CGM, OOCL, P&O, MEF, North Star, Boston Putford, Whitaker Tankers, Tarmac Lafarge 6/10/17
    Carnival No Yes - 24 September
    8 x Dack
    8 x Engine
    8 x ETO
    Applications went live 5th October 2017. Applications online only via N/A 5/10/17
    Conway Merchant Navy Trust / Trinity House Honours Program Yes -1 Yes -3 January
    Either 1 Eng FD option Beng or 1 ETO FD at Fleetwood
    2 Bsc Hons Deck LJMU & 1 Eng FD option BEng at Fleetwood
    Online Application & CV through Chiltern Maritime
    Address - c/o Chiltern Maritime Ltd
    Unit G
    Deacons Marina
    Bursledon Bridge
    SO31 8AZ
    N/A 5/10/17
    Pritchard Gordon Tankers No Yes - 6 4 x Deck
    2 x Engine
    Split of Engine / Deck depends on applicants suitability.

    After checking eligibility at:
    send a CV to for an application form
    N/A 5/10/17
    Princess N/A N/A Too busy to provide me with details.................. N/A 5/10/17
    Maersk No Yes Numbers for September 2018 not known yet Minimum criteria
    HND - GCSE’s - 5 A-C Grades must include Maths, English and Science (National 5’s or above)

    FD - A levels - minimum of 180 UCAS points (old system) or 72 UCAS points (new system) with one numerical subject

    Apply on
    N/A 4/10/17
    Clyde Marine
    Viking Recruitment
    Chiltern Marine

    I hope this is helpful and cuts down on the number of questions that people ask about who is still recruiting. I will keep it up to date.

    I have had a couple of emails from people telling me "such and such have finished recruiting". I want to stop second hand stories doing the rounds and so I will only update the table above when I hear directly from the Companies themselves.

    Please do not be offended if I do not use your information in the table above, unless you are a recruiter from a company of course!

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    Good Afternoon,

    I am a Cadet Training Officer for Anglo Eastern Offshore, I currently have openings for Deck Cadets starting on the 28th of January 2019 following the HNC/D route with a deep sea company as a sponsor. If anyone is interested in this position please get in touch or apply using the below link. All potential Cadets must be aged 18 before March of this year to be considered and meet all minimum requirements.