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Evergreen good or bad?

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  • Evergreen good or bad?

    Hopefully got a an offer from evergreen as a deck cadet, just wondering what the general opinion on evergreen is? Any current or ex-evergreen deck cadets got any opinions on them from there experience, good and bad?


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    Not a evergreen cadet, but I've heard only good things about their deck cadetship. Officers are mainly Asain, but they're (apparently) friendly and more than happy to train you!
    I think there's some threads on here about evergreen - might be worth a search.
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      I've just started with Evergreen, just in case you don't know there is no chance of a job once you've qualified. Also food on board is meant to be dreadful.


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        Reinforcing what MrStealth said, I have heard that a deck cadetship through them is supposed to be very good indeed. A lot of bridge time, great facilities, great crew despite the fact that will be mainly asian -however that means for food is going to be more catered for them. As for fact of no guarantee of a job offer, no company through SSTG offers a job, but I see that as a good thing personally, as it allows you to move on if you're not overly keen on them as a company. Despite the no guarantee, I have heard that people at numerous SSTG sponsorship companies have got a job in the end, because they've plucked up the courage and asked whether there's a position for them.
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          Originally posted by cadetjlc View Post
          As for fact of no guarantee of a job offer, no company through SSTG offers a job
          Not sure about that.

          B.Putford offered a 2 year contract with their cadetship offer. Or they did when I was going through the application process anyway.
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            Not entirely true - some of the SSTG sponsor certainly do; while the company I work for don't guarantee it, they certainly take on the cadets that come through who made a good impression.

            Majority of our current 3rd and 2nd officers were cadets with the company.
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              No company will guarantee you a job whether you get one depends on the situation at the time. From talking to guys I know some have had bad trips with Evergreen while others have had a riot. All depends on the ship but you can get that with any company. From what i've heard you'll have Taiwanese/ filipinos so expect plenty of rice and fish at dinnertime


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                Hi, I am a Phase 3 cadet with Evergreen. They are very good for bridge time but not so good for deck work. I really liked the food as we had a really good chief cook but then he changed and it went downhill but mainly from the point that he just cooked the same thing everyday. Its is all fish and rice but try everything even if it is once and you will get on well with everyone. Any questions feel free to pm me.