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    Hello all,

    No doubt this will have been posted before somewhere, so apologies for the re-post!

    I am about to start applying for sponsor companies (better late than never I suppose, I had real trouble getting the information I was after in order to choose which pathway I wanted to pursue), I'd be looking to do the Navigation Deck Officer training course at South Tyneside College (unlikely to be able to stay there though, as all the companies I have spoken to normally send people to Fleetwood or Warsash - although the fact that I am a "mature" student may aid my cause). I am trying to compile a list of companies to go to, and those that I have met /am aware of thus far are; PNTL, Carnival, Princess, Maersk (already filled 2014 cadet places), Bibby, BP, RFA. I know there'll be a load more as well, so I am wondering if anyone could provide some insight as to which other companies I should look to for sponsorship?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    There is a list of companies that provide sponsorship on the Careers at sea website;

    Good luck with your application.
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      Cheers, I was thinking there may be some smaller companies that would perhaps sponsor through and as a result may have more inclination to take on full-time upon course completion. Here's a question that will perhaps generate some heat. What (if any) are the advantages of going with a sponsor / training organisation over a shipping company?