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Maersk Officer Education programme advice.

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  • Maersk Officer Education programme advice.

    Hi guys,
    I'm wondering if any of you have any experience of the Maersk Officer Education Programme?

    How does this differ from the traditional Deck/engineering Cadetship? (Obvz, have read the info on the site but there isn't much info anywhere else. I'm assuming this is a relatively new initiative)
    is it still the HND or FD routes available?
    What can be expected at interview?
    what financial aid would be available to someone who already possesses a BA(hons)?
    Is the timescale of study the same?
    Does anyone have a copy of the course structure?
    What institutions is the course available from?

    all assistance greatly appreciated,
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    Erm never heard of this a non UK site u are reading? The uk pffice recruit caders and use the hnd fd route....unless you mean the accelerated programe where by people see what MCA exemptions they can get and you mainly do sea time and short courses. Pay is as a normal cadet just fastet and you qualify sooner
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      Thanks for the message! The correspondence I received was from the UK. I would post the emails specifics here, but I'm not sure if that's the done thing. It regards, 'Maersk's Trainee Officer Programme'. I also received the [email protected] online in a follow up email. This is probably just referring to the original cadetship I applied for and i'm being an idiot! I posted this in a fluster when I got home from work as my girlfriend told me about 'Maersk Officer Education Programme' telling me it was different from the cadetship I applied for! Now that I've cleared my head at the gym, I feel like I may have freaked a little!


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        Lol.....ok then

        There is an accelerated cadetship which is mainly seatime only for people with degrees BUT you have to see what MAC will give you in trms of credit against the FD etc....and as a personal thing I think you miss too much this way.

        Yes you qualify faster BUT seatime will miss Some of the stuff you cover in college...Marine Engineering Practice and Principles. ..strength of materials and other stuff ; )

        That is just MY opinion of the fast track.....doing a full cadetdhip with a degree in jand might mean you fly through some parts at the overlap but literally and figuratively you will be in the same boat as everyone else on some topics.

        Now go get accepted so I can scare you at this years unduction and camping jolly
        Trust me I'm a Chief.

        Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
        Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
        No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

        Twitter:- @DeeChief


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          Having googled it and had a quick read of the web page, it appears to be for non-UK applicants (based on the fact the application form only lists a limited number of countries, UK not being one of them).

          The Maersk Officer Education Programme provides a rich and motivating environment for professional development and personal growth.

          A job as officer provides excellent career opportunities, introduction to a strong network across the group as well as wide-ranging seafaring skills and leadership training.
          Education and training

          The Maersk Officer Education Programme gives an all-round foundation in seafaring– preparing you for life above deck and below.

          The Maersk cadet programmes focus on either Deck Cadet training or Engineer Cadet training. The Maersk Officer Education Programme covers both disciplines – giving you a wide array of skills, competencies and opportunities.

          Integral to our Officer Education Programme is training in the Maersk core values which are the backbone of our company. They guide us all to work in a principled and sustainable way when we are conducting business on board or off.

          Who we are looking for

          The Maersk Officer Education is a demanding programme, suited to ambitious, enthusiastic and hard-working individuals with leadership potential.

          You need to have A-Levels or your country’s equivalent school leavers’ certificate and to pass the Maersk admissions test, which challenges a variety of logical, verbal and practical reasoning skills. Additionally you need to have a clean criminal record and a clean bill of health.

          What we offer

          Conditions of engagement during education programmes vary around the world. In the Scandinavian region, however, all tuition fees are covered, and a student grant is available during periods of study. During periods of on-the-job training, you will be classed as a Maersk employee.

          When you have completed the Maersk Officer Education Programme, you will be qualified to embark immediately upon an exciting career as a Junior Officer. You will also have all the theoretical qualifications you need to proceed to the sought-after Captain- or Chief Engineer positions in due course. Your choice of specializations and the experience you accrue will determine how quickly you can proceed through the ranks.
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