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*If you could be a deck cadet all over again which vessel would you sail on?

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  • *If you could be a deck cadet all over again which vessel would you sail on?

    Hello from Singapore,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm also just doing my interviews for a deck cadet position. My question is, If you could be a deck cadet all over again which vessel would you sail on? In terms of salary, speed of promotion and good vessel to learn ... All i've learned so far is that Tankers pay well, good training base but slow promotion! Which type of vessel gives good pay and fast promotions?

    Offshore is out though because they not hiring.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before...i'm new & still learning.

    Thanks Guys

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    Box boats usually allow for faster promotion but the pay is average. I believe that cruise ships have lower pay and slower promotion generally. Tankers offer decent money, particularly on gas carriers. The money is definitely in the offshore sector I'm afraid. If I could do it all again I would love to do a couple of trips on the cruise ships just to see what it's like. However I would have to say that sub sea construction vessels would be the most interesting trips.

    Anyone else got thoughts?
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      I did my cadetship 10+ years ago on heavy lift ships which spend quite a bit of time in port, always going to different ports, interesting cargo, lots of stability issues etc. Small company so quite interesting. Definitely had a lot more to talk about in college then most of the lads who'd done 6 hours turnarounds on box boats, or never seeing land on tankers. However I have always liked to balance the work hard/play hard, whereas some people are much more focused on career development and money, which is understandable.


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        I would say in the last 12 years there have been three sectors which have stood out, LPG, Offshore and to a lesser extent yachts.
        If I was starting out now, I would probably be looking into Offshore or LPG.
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          Tankers for the DCE and experience.
          Offshore for a foot into that industry.
          Cruise for the social life.

          Definitely not a box boat with a tonnage tax company....


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            Offshore industry to get your foot inside, also the possibility of starting a DP ticket.


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              Thanks for the helpful replies everyone.

              I'm applying to study through a government initiative and the sponsoring companies are not offshore. If selected, i may be working on,

              Container Vessels
              Reefer Vessels
              Bulk Carriers
              Oil Tankers
              Gas Carriers

              I have a choice in selecting a sponsoring company.

              Tankers provide good pay but i heard promotion is really slow.
              Containers have one of the lowest pay..

              Where should i start in order to get the best of both worlds?
              Above average salary & above average promotion chances..


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                You're never going to be able to have it all, that's why choices are hard! I'd go for tankers, because then you'll get your tanker tickets as well.


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                  With those options? Gas every day of the week.


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                    Hi everyone,

                    I apologise for my absence...its been a long hard week of preparing for many interviews & tests.

                    I got a cadet position with Maersk Tankers.

                    Thank you for all your replies. I learnt something from all of you.

                    Here's to the future...



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                      Congratulations, I think based on the posts here you made an excellent choice and joining a superb company.


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                        Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your cadetship.
                        Go out, do stuff


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                          I agree, good choice. Congratulations.
                          They told me I was gullible and I believed them.


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                            Thank you all so very much!
                            Much appreciated


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