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    Please only post any reading recommendations for aspiring cadets here. Note: Please adhere to the site's policy of not distributing copyrighted material!! If you want to find any of these books use your google-fu

    So You Want To Go To Sea
    by Captain Michael Lloyd. Pub 2011. (If you google it you should be able to find a PDF copy!)

    Deep Sea and Foreign Going by Rose George. Pub 2013. Available on Amazon (Such a good read, and PACKED with information)
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    Introduction to marine engineering 2nd edition by D.Taylor

    A bit pricy, but worth a read and pdf available with a google search.


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      A Captains Duty - Richard Phillips with Stephan Talty
      He doesn't just talk about the hijacking, but his career, brilliant read. Would also recommend Deep Sea and Foreign Going enjoying it so far.


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        Great book don't worry being a cadet is not as extreme as this any more


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          I'll echo Lewis's comment above, great book, highly amusing. The sequel isn't quite as good, but it's all relative, as the first is such a cracker.

          As far as 'salty' books go, I would recommend (I can't remember what one is called, so frustrating!):

          Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast
          Charlie Connelly

          Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
          Alfred Lansing

          Heart of Darkness
          Joseph Conrad

          South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 Expedition
          Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

          The Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys 1942-45
          Bernard Edwards


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            Finally remembered it, was losing my mind.

            Redburn: His First Voyage
            Herman Melville


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              I'm currently reading 'A History of the British Merchant Navy' by Captain Richard Woodman. It is published in five books:
              1 - Neptune's Trident

              2 - Britannia's Realm

              3 - Masters Under God

              4 - More Days, More Dollars

              5 - Fiddler's Green

              Sounds like heavy academic stuff I know, but it is actually very good. Well written, often funny and pretty easy to read.


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                MAYDAY: The Perils of the Waves by Nicholas Faith - it accompanied a TV series that was on channel 4 back in 1998, an interesting book.
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                  @Rootsea I've been trying to get hold of those books for a while now through my local library, they look fantastic but they're dead expensive if you buy them.
                  Insert profound quote here.


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                    You can get some of them of amazon in ebook/pdf form for a few quid.
                    I've loaded a few on to my kindle


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                      ebay worth a look for books sometimes, get the odd bargain.