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Companies that sponsor a FULL Degree (BSc/BEng)

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  • Companies that sponsor a FULL Degree (BSc/BEng)

    I have A levels and so I've been applying to a few different sponsoring companies but they all seem to only offer the Foundation degree which makes me feel like I've wasted 2 years doing A-Levels. Does anybody know which (if any) companies will sponsor cadets to do a Full Degree?


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    Carnival offer the top up to the cadets with the best grades, but involves more time as a cadet. I'm not sure you can even do the full BSc anymore from the start, pretty much all companies just offer either the HND of FND now... (i could be wrong though...) - the major advantage to the FND is that it can be topped up quite easily. I would not feel short changed if you got an FND placement - that is designed for A-Level candidates.
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      Interesting question though, because if you decide you wish to make a move ashore before you reach C/O or Master level, you end up at a distinct disadvantage not having a full degree.

      This is not an issue if you are an Engineer, as you can top up your degree through the Open University, but this is not an option for Deckies! Yes, you can top up the FD easily (takes a year or so) but you will have to take the time out to do this!

      I do wonder if the British Cadet system are not shooting themselves in the foot here.




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        You haven't wasted 2 years at all... I've done my A levels and BSc in the mean time before starting my cadetship... I will earn more with my FD in MarEng than I would with my degree.
        There is always the top up afterwards, which is what I plan on doing after a period of working, so I have the experience and knowledge for taking it further.
        Some companies put you through the FD and then let you do the top up while working for them, in your own time.
        The UCAS points system for the FD is sort of irrelevant since most people have in excess of 120 points. It's there to give surety that you are capable of what's required. E.g Maths, English and sciences.


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          I've been asking about this at open days. Most companies said there isn't much point when you've just qualified, because that's not the important bit really it's all about the ticket, but if you really wanted to do it, you could put in for extended leave to do the college section of the course, but you'd have to pay for it yourself - it's of no real use to them.

          I plan to do it at some point too, but probably not for a while after I qualify.