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Where should Australian Deck Cadets apply?

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  • Where should Australian Deck Cadets apply?

    Hi all

    I've currently sent out applications to almost any merchant navy company I could find, mostly via these two lists:

    I'm asking what companies and Australian should be specifically applying for and if I've missed any major one's out?

    Thanks, Rhys

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    I don't know the Australian system, but have you contacted the two Maritime colleges in Australia for information and advice?


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      Also I think its ASP Ship Management were advertising for cadets recently .


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        As YM has said ASP were recently advertising for cadets, you may want to try all the offshore mobs: Farstad, Swires, Mermaid, OMS etc ( make sure you speak to the local Australian offices and not the international ones)

        Also companies like INCO ship management might be worth a try.
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          Yeah, the offshore industry in Australia is booming at the moment so that might be a good bet.
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            Pilot Chris mentioned, among others, Farstad. They take on a large number of cadets in Norway for vessels operating in the North Sea, and I think the maybe take on Aussies for operations down under 😉

            Would also like to add Bourbon to the list, they take on a large number of cadets each year.

            In Australia, do you have the same system as in UK?

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              I think we have the same system as the UK, you alternate college, then sea time a few times and you can get sponsorships from companies


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                I don't know if Australia is anything like New Zealand in it's college process, but if it's anything like how it is here you still alternate college/sea time but you pay for your course/living costs yourself, and simply get paid a decent rate for your seatime when you get some. No sponsorships to be found here!
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