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  • Princess cruises interview


    Just curious if anyone could offer me any advice with the Princess interview. I have been offered one but don't really know what to expect! I know you cant give me any specifics but if you can let me know whats involved and how should I prepare for it it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have also been given an interview with Clyde marine but now just awaiting for it to be re-scheduled as I couldn't make the first one due to a family emergency. I do have a view to working on cruise ships but I know I cant be that narrow minded with my choices due to the extremely high demand for sponsorship!

    I'm seriously worried that I will muck up in the interview and ramble on about nothing and thus getting me nowhere!! If you could lend me a hand it would be very much appreciated! I'm also yet to take my Maths GCSE and to my dismay I was predicted a C!! Would this deter the company from offering a sponsorship? I've read that you have to take a maths test and some other test so would these results matter more/less than your predicted GCSE grade?

    Cheers for your help Guys,


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    Obviously if you get through with the Princess cruise interview then you'll be working with Cruise ships. CMT have around 3/4 cruise companies on their books and you get a sheet to put 3 choices down. You're only allowed to put one cruise liner down though so its just whether the company thinks you're a good fit or not.

    I can't offer that much information on the Princess cruise interview but if you want some information on the CMT interview, I'd be happy to provide it.

    Revise, Revise, Revise! There's no reason that C can't become a B or an A, I was predicted a D at GCSE and got an A! CMT need at least 4 GCSE's at C and above I think.

    Also, Welcome!
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      Hi Tom,

      I had an interview with Clyde myself a couple of weeks ago. If you need any pointers feel free to swing me a pm
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