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    Originally posted by SameRulesApply View Post
    Out of interest; what company was it that interviewed you remembering you from the open day?
    PM'd you.


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      Originally posted by Rootsea View Post
      You are looking to make an impression.

      I went to the Warsash open day last year in smart casual - shoes, good trousers and a shirt. I phoned the companies I wanted to talk to in advance, asked who their representative would be and if they wanted me to bring anything like a CV. I also wrote down a few questions that I wanted to ask each company.

      When I was at Warsash I could go upto the stall say, "Hi, are you Mr X?" and get straight to talking.

      In one of the interviews I was later invited to, the interviewer remembered me and rather than asking interview questions we just chatted for 30 minutes before he more-or-less promised me an offer (the offer was confirmed by phone 2 days later). In a second interview, although the interviewer hadn't been at the open day, his colleague had written down my name and some positive points about me. Again I was more-or-less promised an offer before the interview had even finished.

      While I like to attribute this to my unique brilliance, the fact is that prospective employer's like to see someone who is switched on and has clearly made an effort.
      I'm no expert but I can't find fault with any of this. Kinda wish I'd done the same and agree 100% with the final sentance, also shows a good deal of initiative on your part which will leave an impression.