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Maersk Sealand Deck Cadet Selection and Training....HOW??

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  • HarmlessWeasel

    1. for non UK residents have a look at this page
    2. Not entirely sure what would apply for you, but UK cadets require qualifications in English, Maths and Physics
    3. Could be different for you so not sure
    4. Don't know

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  • Maersk Sealand Deck Cadet Selection and Training....HOW??

    Hi, everybody.
    I have a question for anyone who know or have the info about Maersk's Cadet recruitment. The question as follow;
    1. I want to know about how to apply for Maersk's Cadet program, can I apply via an online only or another way?
    2. Please inform me about important qualification that suit for apply
    3. Please inform me about the recruitment process as well as the form of interview.
    4. I'm 30, come from Thailand (south-east Asia), TOEIC score 970 and ISF Marlins English for seafarers score 100%, I have an experience to work in US. Special Forces before go to trained a maritime courses, with this basic info is enough to apply for Maersk's Cadet program?

    Thank you very much for every answers, recommendations or comments