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    I've had a read through the stickied thread about the medical etc but couldn't find much about this.
    I suffer from anxiety and have done for about a year or so, I am on medication for it and it is very much under control.
    I didn't disclose this at a recent interview I had but if successful I will obviously have to when obtaining the certificate.
    How much will this affect the decision on the doctors side about my fitness for work?

    I've tried to look into this online but found mixed results, some say it's a definite no where as others say if it's under control then it's ok.

    Any help/info is much appreciated.


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    Well, the best thing is to be honest with the doctor in question - but if you don't disclose it, they don't check your medical records with your GP, if that is what you are worried about.
    I would have thought that if you are properly controlled with meds you might be OK, but the Dr may place give you a restricted medical which will be problematic as me may preclude watchkeeping etc.
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      Hiya. It's a tricky one as the doctors guide for ENG1 only states you are unfit if "The mental disorder will effect the crew members ability to perform duties safely". So I guess this is open to the docs interpretation. Not much help i'm afraid, however many situations which occur are high pressure and need to be dealt with in a timely manner, not sure if this would be an issue for you? All you can do is be honest and see I supposr.


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        Yeah nothing like that would be an issue for me. I didn't realise they don't check your med records I thought they did to be honest.
        It's a bit hit and miss then isn't it!


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          I would always advocate being honest about any medical conditions as if anything happens whilst you are working in the future and they (MCA) find out it could be problematic.

          Worse case scenario you have an incident even if you are not at fault they will analyse everything including fatigue, medical etc

          Also I have had a couple of deck officers on watch with me who almost crumbled under stress whilst navigating high traffic areas to the extent they almost had a breakdown (and as far as I'm aware they didn't have any anxiety issues prior) so it's worth thinking about
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            Ok great. Thanks for all your answers guys!