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Criminalization of Seafarers - A survey /Research

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  • Criminalization of Seafarers - A survey /Research

    Dear friends ,

    Criminalization of Seafarers is a very sensitive issue especially in light of recent cases such as M/T Hebei Spirit , M/V Coral Sea etc which has highlighted the vulnerability of the seafarers to unfair trials in foreign lands resulting in detention/imprisonment without even being proven guilty.The trend unfortunately sees seafarers as easy scapegoats after an incident and they continue to be penalized for acts that have nothing to do with criminal negligence. This has acted as a wake up call for seafarers, unions,shipping companies, authorities etc to seriously address this issue.

    Please follow the link below to participate in a survey which is is part of a research project titled "How has the 'Criminalization of Seafarers' impacted the perception of shipping (sailing) as a career ? How can a solution path to this problem be identified? " ... yjkw767267

    Your opinion is extremely valuable.

    Capt. S.Puri

    PS: Requesting a few minutes of your time, towards an issue that can ruin careers and even lives !! maybe even yours !! something to think about !!