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  • Clyde Marine Interview

    I've been offered an interview with CMT, i wasn't really expecting it so i'm a bit surprised. I am just wandering if they will ask me to specify companies i would like to work for and where i could find a full list of their sponsor companies that i could look over and research. I'm thinking i would rather cargo/container ships, tankers and possibly anchor handlers but not sure i would cope in the North Sea if i was put their. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    well they have a full list of companies on their website. You should have a good idea about which of their sponsor companies are in the kind of shipping you're interested in, otherwise it'll seem like you've done no research at all...


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      A full list of sponsoring companies with links to each company's website can be found here:

      Earn while you learn with one of our sponsoring shipping companies. For more information please visit our website today >>

      Good luck!


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        After just being to an interview last week just remain calm and look over everything, go in confident, look smart and interact with the interviewer.


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          My advice would be to apply to actual shipping companies rather than Clyde Marine who are basically just a training company. Off the top of my head I would say Maersk, BP, Carnival and Shell. There's a few others but can't remember. You've a better chance of getting a job at the end of your cadetship, the money's better and you'll get better training rather than being dumped on a ship for tonnage tax reasons.


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            My interview is been conducted via video conference which im not sure about, i would rather meet the interviewer in person. but its an interview all the same. I have applied to Maersk, Shell, Bibby, Viking, James Fisher. Carnival are next on my list, CMT are just the first to offer me anything. After reading up about tonnage tax now i can see why there are so many cadetships out there. Im sure most of the companies out there are training cadets for the right reasons but like you say their will be companies doing it just for tax relief.


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              Is your interview for the January 2014 intake?

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                I have no idea, they never said when they phoned me. But i really should have asked when the intake would be if was successful.


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                  I assume it's for Jan as CMT ask for September applications to be submitted after February, good luck!

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