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    Hello everyone, I am currently doing my GCSE's and am considering my A level options with the FD in mind. Would Economics, English literature and language, Geography and Spanish be acceptable options or should I consider changing to a science or maths?

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    I would strongly recommend a maths and/or science, and then two/three subjects for your own enjoyment. According to my A Level maths teacher, people who do A level maths earn on average 15% more than those who don't, regardless of the field they end up working in...


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      And yet we have people with A Level maths working in Asda and people with GCSE's as tradesmen

      I would recommend maths at A level too though, although it isn't essential, the majority of my class only have GCSE/Standard grades and none of us have been sacked yet


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        Originally posted by Martyboy View Post
        And yet we have people with A Level maths working in Asda and people with GCSE's as tradesmen
        you obviously didn't cover statistics well enough at GCSE...


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          Yea.... Sadly we can't all be as educated as you...


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            @Martyboy lol GCSE statistics - mode, mean and median wasnt it and the formula for standard deviation

            This topic has been covered on a few threads now, I would study maths at a level if you reckon you can get the required grade.
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              Wouldn't know Chris mate, I didn't study it well enough


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                I'm pretty certain you need to be thinking of doing Maths, English, Physics and another science - I would recommend chemistry.

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                  Team Maersks criteria for FD is:

                  Entry Requirements:

                  120 UCAS points in unspecified A Levels or Scottish Highers Plus 5 GCSE / Scottish Standard Grades at grades A - C / 1 - 3 including Maths, English and a Science based subject.

                  So while you need the GCSE/Standard grade in Maths English and Science, your a levels are upto you. As 70% of a deck officers job is maths then I can see the logic, however keep in mind none of what we do is particularly hard.... "Nautical Science not rocket science" One of my lecturers once told me the merchant navy doesn't need the most intelgent guys in the world, we just need the average guy with common sense So i'm on the fence. A level maths will benefit your study, but it isn't essential, and if you have your heart set on those subjects....