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    Well, we've gone over the issues that older cadets may face, but I'm curious about life on board.

    I'm sure we're all aware that there's a very rigid hierarchy on merhcant vessels, for good reason. What I'm wondering about is exactly how disciplined things are - should we expect a lot of "Yes Sir, No Sir, Aye aye Cap'n" etc etc... What are officer/cadet/rating relationships like?

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    Re: Life Onboard


    Master - always refer to as captain! or sir!
    1st Officer / Safety Officer - sir or "1st" or "safety"
    2nd Officers, etc. - sir or "2nd" or by name if they have said call them by name (most will)

    Most in my experience (other than captains) will tell you just to call them by name - but if in doubt (or if your mind goes blank at 5.30am position or sir is always safe)
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