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What to expect once received offer from sponsoring companys?

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  • What to expect once received offer from sponsoring companys?

    Hi Guys, what should be expected once received an offer from sponsoring company?

    Had my medical and everything already completed, they have contacted my references more than two weeks ago. Have sent everything across more than two weeks ago. This is for January 2014, fleetwood. Should I phone them tomorrow or wait?

    The reason I am becoming very nervous is because it was a conditional offer dependant on my medical, references etc. I passed my medical and am sure my references were fine.

    I am currently at sixth form college preparing for my A-levels. There is an incredible amount of work to do and revise for and my motivation is not very high at the moment due to being accepted for a cadetship. I don't wish to waste the chance of achieving A-levels if I don't get this cadetship, therefore I am still at college till it is confirmed.

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    As I said in the last post you made about the same question just chill out they will get back to you when they get back to you 2weeks is not a long time. You are not the only cadet in most companies so give it another week or two before you start phoning them.