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  • Cadet fast track

    I currently hold a BEng honours degree in an Chemical Engineering. I have been told I can apply for the fast track course and was wondering how long this would take me and what it would involve. Thanks

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    If you visit they have some details about the Fast track degree under courses, I believe it lists how long it takes. I can't access it right now to check because I am on a ship and the website is "Greylisted" whatever the hell that means....

    I think for this "Fast Track" route you may need to obtain a letter of assessment from the MCA, something to do with the exact make up of your course, "Core units" and stuff like that I suspect.

    You also need 8 months Sea time now before you can sit your Oral Class 4 exam, I joined in January 2011 when it was still six months, although I am likely to end up with 8+months anyway as I have served on tankers.

    Sorry I can't provide more precise information!
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      If it's in engineering, how long it takes depends in the MCA as I think they decide your sea time, couple of guys on the fast track needed 8 but others on their course needed 12. They were the only two that came from uni, the rest were already at sea some how and just ranking up!