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Need more info on UA program/TWIC and MMC.

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  • Need more info on UA program/TWIC and MMC.

    Me again.. Still on the search for shipping companies/Maritime organisations offering sponsorship/training for international students :-).. Forgot to mention! My dad is an EU passport holder, does that help ?

    Hmmm... no luck yet but I saw this UA program but I'm not too sure... ..

    Does anyone have an idea on this ?
    Like - can you move ahead; apply for a license after this program ?

    Are there going to be any hitches in the future as I would be applying with my Nigerian passport with a VISA ?

    Now, the TWIC . Who knows about this ? Do I have to be in-state to apply for this credential ? Will I be eligible for MMC after I have gotten the TWIC ?

    Limited resources... Just have a one shot at this and I need all the help I could get relating to these issues... Thank you!!!!

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    I hold a TWIC card, you need to be in the US and have proof that you need it. It involves making an appointment, submitting fingerprints and a background check.
    Really you need to focus on getting a cadetship before worrying about these things.