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RFA Service Knowledge: practice tests?

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  • RFA Service Knowledge: practice tests?


    Just passed my Sift interview for the RFA and was directed over here to take advantage of the sites collective experience.

    I have my AIB in mid-February and I'm pretty confident I have everything I need to prepare except practice questions. I e-mailed the AIB centre in Southampton and they said that they weren't allowed to give me any extra information other than the pack I had received on confirmation.

    Getting kind of nervous about this because I know its going to be really in depth as RFA cadets take the same test as the RN and RM cadets. I've started revising these topics:

    History of the RN, RM and RFA

    Rank Structure

    Ship designations/class'

    Radar Systems (Who carries what/systems use)

    Active Weapon Systems (Who carries what/systems use)

    Royal Marines (Placement, role)

    Fleet Air Arm (Units, what they carry/where they are based)

    Anything I'm missing?

    I'd also be really grateful if someone could point me in the direction of some practice papers, as I can't seem to find any anywhere!

    Thank you!

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    Congratulations on passing your sift interview and welcome to the forum. I'm pleased they're recommending this site to you but for those types of questions you'd actually be better of on rum ration, the Royal Navy forum. You will find several threads on the AIB and service knowledge test.

    The reason you can't find practice papers is because there aren't any (as far as I'm aware). You just need to keep learning and reading about the RN, RFA and RM.
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      Pretty sure they don't release practice papers, your list looks good, only other things I'd suggest you take a look at are strategic international organisations (UNSC, NATO, ect...) and shore bases (where, what they do and so on). I'd also like to second Blondie's suggestion of looking checking out RumRation if you haven't already as your more likely to find a greater number of people who have been through it. The Royal Navy's own website is a great source of information. I also found it very helpful to create my own 'spotter's guide' to ships, subs, aircraft and RM vehicles to help the info sink in, but different people learn different things in different ways.

      Good luck on the day!