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    Hi guys, i've recently applied to some training companies for a cadetship. These applications have been via online forms which are easy enough to complete. But there are still some companies i would like to apply to but i have to write an application letter with an enclosed CV. To be honest i have never applied for a job in my life, i went to college to complete an HNC engineering and got a job driving lorries after that.

    That job was only meant to be temporary so i could save some money but time rolled on and here i am still in the same dead end job 10 years later. I have finally got the courage to get up and do something about it. So if anyone has any advice on what to write on the application letter i would be very grateful. My CV should be simple enough to write as there isn't much to put on it except my college qualifications and my work experience. Now i'm writing this that sounds a bit worrying.

    Ah well i have to give it a go anyway.

    Thanks very much.

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    Hi Stevemac83,

    Before I start, I would just like to point out that the following advice is what I did and is my personal opinion. By no means is it a tried and tested formula for success!

    When I sent off my cover letter and CV I stuck by some very basic principles. First of all, appearance is everything. Both the letter and your CV should be clearly presented, in a well structured manner so that it is almost appealing for someone to read. I took it a step further and printed it out on some thick, high grade paper (not flimsy recycled stuff). Whether or not this helped, who knows, but anything to distinguish yourself from the pile of paper on this persons desk!

    Secondly, my cover letter revolved around three points. 1) Why I wanted to be in the maritime industry. 2) Why I specifically wanted to do the cadet programme and 3) why I thought I was a great (in my own mind - I'm not saying I am/was!) candidate. I personally found that, after numerous attempts at re-writing, this made the most sense. It made sure I was on the straight and narrow, to the point and, at the end of the day, answering the initial questions any employer will ask: "Why you?".

    Unfortunately I cannot give you a huge deal of advice about CVs other than, keep it relevant, keep it formal and make sure there are no mistakes on it. If you go from the point of view that this person reading your application has probably had to go through a fair number this year and is just going to through out any applications that have a minor mistake on. I met someone once who was in charge of reading CVs for an internship and she said that she had thrown away countless applications for the misuse of its and it's.It may seem harsh or fair depending on how much you love grammar...

    Anyway, I hope some of this is helpful. Some people may disagree with what is written above, and each to their own.

    Best of luck with the applications, any more questions fire away! I will give this a little more thought and see if I can think of anything else!



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      The CV article may be of interest:


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        Thanks guys, been a great help. I've missed out on the January intakes with most companies now so i have a wee bit of time to focus on this and get it right and hopefully get a placement come September.


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          Seeing as I have the next few days to potentially lay about and do absolutely nothing, I thought I would try and do all my applications.

          I've seen the guide to companies on here, but I was wondering if there were any more that aren't listed who I should be considering?


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              I wish it was a simple as putting your CV in the post with a cover letter... These prepared forms don't really work


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                I'd suggest saving your answers somewhere, then it's a case of copy and paste and tailor to the specific company.
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                  Thanks, it's small things like not having enough space to put the qualifications how they want, or getting confused with, for example, how Anglo eastern want me to submit it!

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