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Deferring from January to September

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  • Deferring from January to September

    Hi guys,

    I recently got an offer from a company to start as a deck cadet in January.

    The process has all happened rather quickly and, for personal reasons, I am considering postponing my start date to September. (For those interested, it is mainly because I have just finished one degree and would quite like to take a gap year before starting a 5 year degree/contract!)

    I was just wondering if anyone knows whether companies allow you to 'defer' a phase but keep your place? Or would I have to go through the whole system again?

    I know it is probably going to end up being company specific, but has anyone experienced or heard of companies deferring people?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    It wouldn't harm to ask, and if you feel it's that important for you, then do. However, do be aware that cadetship places are competitive and many guys are lined up waiting for a position to appear. You could risk losing your place, or changes in funding, company cadet recruitment policies etc could take effect between January and September.

    Also consider that after only a few months at college, you'll be away onboard a ship travelling the world.


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      The cadetship is only 3 years? Where do you get five years from? Anyway best to ask the company. They are the only ones who would be able to give you a definitive answer. Its not like they are going to withdraw your offer for January for asking the question.

      Bear in mind that the sooner you start the sooner you get finished and start earning some real money. Also once you are qualified the money you will earn and the time off you are likely to get will probably enable you to do a bit of travelling during your leave anyway.


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        Hi guys,

        Thank you for the responses. Please don't get me wrong, it is not a decision I am taking lightly. My exact outlook on it is: The cadet programme will always be around (well... in the near future) but this opportunity to take half a year off won't really emerge for a while.

        EH75 - 5 years because the contract I will sign to outlines 2 years with the company after the training. As for money, I am not really a money driven person.

        In addition, I feel that if I regret missing the January intakes, I can still re-apply. If I regret joining the cadets in January, there will be far more complications.

        Thanks for the support guys!


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          I see what you mean with the 2 years after training, But I'm assuming once you qualify as an officer it's your intention to work at sea anyway. I don't know which company you are going with, but in my opinion, a cadetship can sometimes be just as good as a gap year in as much as you'll travel the world for free, go to places you'd never usually etc.... I guess everyone is different though


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            Just because you have been offered a position right now doesn't mean you will be offered a position in September. The September intake is always more competitive. The company may look at you and go well he was offered the opportunity but turned it down so is not that interested in this career.


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              id start now, if its cruise ships no better way to have a rest
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                Sounds like you got yourself a pretty good deal! So if I heard right you have a guarenteed 2 years working as an officer onboard after qualifying? Not bad.. I definitely would contact them by email or whatever and see if and adjustment to your starting date is possible but if not then its an offer too good to turn down :P

                Finding a job is a bummer. Let alone after first qualifying! Best of luck


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                  The two years working as a officer isn't always guaranteed, but i think if they don't offer it because of reasons (not enough positions etc) then they do come to an agreement.


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                    Thank you so much for all the great feedback guys.

                    Annoyingly, another dilemma has reared up. I emailed the company [as advised] and the individual which all correspondence went through has left!

                    I have tried to get in touch using the details provided in the automatic response but to no avail!

                    I guess I'll hold tight for now.


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                      If you tell your company offering you a job you want to defer, they may think you are not interested and give you an careful. The situation of how many they recruit later in the year may also change