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    Given that your close to finishing A levels you would be better to finish and apply for a September intake, given the course will be close to a level standard being unable to finish it wont look good and the company will know that by applying for a January start you don't intend to finish the course regardless of how you explain it in a statement.

    also on statements you say you worry you didn't link it enough with your desire to be a deck officer, but its not a case of ending every line with 'and that is why I want be a deck officer'

    Also while you have yachting experience, is it actually that relevant to a big ship at 17 you don't hold a yachtmaster so its crewing, racing, etc given that its rare if a yacht did 3/4,000 miles a year yet for a ship that's a fortnight going across the atlantic it changes the scale drastically. I am not saying its irrelevant, but you need to understand that a lot of people don't see yachting as a professional industry and more just messing about in boats.
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      Originally posted by Edd View Post
      Also does anyone have any suggestions on how to boost my CV even more?

      if you do decide to apply again don't limit your self to 1 or 2 company's apply to as many as possible. If you are unaware of companies the best way forward is to attend some college open days to meet them. (in my opinion the worst thing you can do is not apply because you never know what happens)
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        Phoned a few of the companies up. Currently re submitting applications for January, fingers crossed!


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          Try the RFA - alleged to be a good company to do your training with
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