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  • International Cadets & Other Nationalities?

    I know that this site might have been created for specifically UK or European cadets and officers and so on, I might be wrong. But how does another nationality go about getting sponsorship or just even sea-time alone form companies cause I find that they are quite specific in their choices for UK personnels Only... I have aplied to so many companies hundreds of emails being sent just to get a little seatime; Im not even asking for a sponsorship to pay my tuition or stipend to attend college (I had to shoulder the cost on my own) but just applying to companies is like pointless as they have already "with their own cadets", I only say this to show a point how hard it is for other young aspiring cadets from countries that are not traditional seafaring countries (Im from a little island in caribbean)
    Here I have found out how hard at times it is for UK and European seafarers getting jobs and cadet ship but can you imaging how hard it is for others like me who are not from your native land.... What's your opinion on this

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    I sympathise with your situation, but afraid I can't offer any advice on how to get seatime unless there are any local shipping companies within the Caribbean that might help you.

    In the UK the shipping companies are essentially bribed to take on cadets through the seafarer tonnage tax system and a considerable amount of government subsidy into the training to ensure that the skill is retained.


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      Yeah its okay Sir YoungMariner its just something that I have been learning to get used to only can wait on that "big Break"
      So I presume neither are their scholarships for attending a maritime college in UK for international students either then?


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        Most foreign students that attend the UK are either self sponsored or sponsored a company linked with a government tie up such as those from the Middle East and Nigeria. Almost always the government has an incentive to take them on.