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What are ships crews really like?

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  • What are ships crews really like?

    Something that I have been wondering having not been on any cargo ships is what the crews are really like? I have this idea that some are very "hard" "sea dod" types but maybe this isn't really the case these days. Are they intimidating or generally easy to get on with?
    I know quite a few commercial pilots and they seem to be very normal and friendly but professional at the same time. Also they seem to take a lot of pride in their job/work.

    Also what is the general atmosphere on board usually like? (I'm talking more boxboats here that cruise). Is it professional but fun or are people gloomy, bored all the time? Is it usually a "big family" type atmosphere or do people tend to do their own things?

    It's really quite hard to find any of this whats it really like stuff out other than on places like this forum.

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    Re: What are ships crews really like?

    I've flown with lots of pilots, mainly due to the fact I was the one bringing them their coffee! Pilots, as in all professions, vary. Some are genuinely friendly, nice people. Some are up their own backsides. Some are shy. Some are loud.

    I imagine it's the same in all professions, you're always going to have people you do and don't get on with.
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      Re: What are ships crews really like?

      I'm afraid it's almost impossible to answer your question as ships crews are as individually emotional as anyone else - you'll find every kind of person imaginable at sea; the happy, the sad, the glum, the angry, the chirpy and the quiet. (oh for some Mr Men smilies!)
      When you get aboard your first ship you'll just have to take it at face value, it may be great fun or it may be soul destroying, but just remember that the next ship you get on will quite likely have a completely different atmosphere and so on and so on.


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        Re: What are ships crews really like?

        The ship is made by it's crew. A happy crew is a happy ship

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