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Couple of panicked questions.

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  • Couple of panicked questions.

    Hello, I recently had an interview with CMT. I don't know if I have been accepted yet but I was told I would need to have proof of my qualifications, actual certificates. My school no longer holds them on file so I am ordering them from the exam boards and had two questions I'd hoped someone may be able to answer. (Already sent them an email asking the same things and am waiting for a reply- but everytime I've asked them a question they just sort of send me what seems to a be a copy-pasted message that doesn't really seem relevant to my email.)

    If the certificates do not come in time for me to provide to clyde in case of a conditional offer, is it at all unheard of for my offer to be changed to January or would I have to go through the application process again? (I don't think that would even be possible because I applied less than six months ago which means it would be automatically rejected!)

    Secondly, would I need every single qualification that I have listed on my cv (things like spanish, ict, etc) or just certificates like english, maths, science and at least 5 at above C grade?

    I'm sorry if I'm asking questions no one could possibly answer. Really worried about this as I don't think anyone else aside from Clyde would have me, they're literally it.

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    You would need to be able to provide proof of at least enough to qualify for entry to the course. There's loads who havent heard back from clyde yet mate, I was one of them up until a few days ago when I got news from another company. Good luck with your application though mate, hope it goes well.


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      The qual's are for the college to allow you onto the course, so if you can't provide them, they may not offer you the place until you can..... Best to speak to Clyde though


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        Try giving them a ring and ask to speak to someone from the administration/ training team, you might be able to force out something resembling a direct answer from them.