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    So I got my AS results today, and they weren't quite what I was hoping for. Obviously I have another year to fix things, but I had a bad year in maths and went from a B in GCSE to a U. I can't take it next year because of that, so I need to work out a plan. My question is if I have physics (got a D in AS), how important is it to have maths as well? Should I retake the year and do it again to boost it or leave it and concentrate on the rest?

    I saw the maths preparation pack CD posted about a while back, and went through it all with no trouble at all, so I'm not sure if I can count that as some sort of indicator of difficulty...

    If anyone could help I'd appreciate it, parents are currently pulling their hair out!

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    Can't talk for others but you only need C or above at GCSE for the RFA so not progressing in maths for A level doesn't seem like the end of the world to me.

    regards resitting - how did you do with the other subjects?
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      With a good solid B in maths at GCSE you should be ok, I take it you're going to stick with the physics? I did A-level physics and Maths, the maths was a nightmare apart from the stuff I could understand from physics, all the pure maths (matrices... ewwww!) was gobbledegook to me! At nautical college the maths is all pretty basic, volumes and algebra are the main elements. Work hard at the physics and you should be fine.


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        I got a B in general studies (dodgy subject, I know!) D in biology and physics, E in photography, though I might challenge that one.

        I'm going to keep on with the physics definitely, I was wondering how much of a difference having both would make to my application! I really can't stand a level maths, it goes in one side, goes round the brain for a week, and then falls out somewhere between classes!


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          I'd recommend you speak to your teachers and get some advice. Ds and Es at AS are pretty tough grades to take through to A2, and it may well be that resitting the year isn't a bad idea IF they feel you'd improve by doing so. Have you considered taking differentl A-levels?

          Thing to be wary of is resitting individual AS modules during your A2 year as this just increases your workload during the very challenging A2 year.
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            Here's the entry requirements for the Deck FD at Warsash:
            B) Holds the minimum academic entry qualifications:
            • A minimum of 120 UCAS tariff points, including a numerate subject

            • GCSEs Grade 'C' or above in the following subjects; Mathematics (preferably Higher Tier), English, Science (with Physical Science content).
            Note that you actually meet that right now. While it would certainly be beneficial to have better grades in Maths and Physics to improve your chances of sponsorship, there's nothing stopping you applying based upon your current grades.


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              Blondie thanks, but I think suggesting that right now may cause a few craniums to explode! I'm thinking about sitting an as and an a2 in the same year, some have at our place and the teachers are really good at helping you deal with it.

              GHedges, if I could, I'd join now! I'm the first in my family to be going to uni, so my parents really are keen for me to do everything brilliantly and the 'normal' way. I think if I went for it now, they'd see it as giving up on college - their thing is that I'll be paid better if I have more qualifications like this.

              I was planning on ringing a few admissions offices, but they'l have their hands full, so I'll leave it until tomorrow, maybe monday!



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                Fair enough Inland, in my experience as a secondary science teacher you will find that very tough indeed. Good luck with it.
                'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'


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                  I agree! But then again, it'll look good at interview - rising to the challenge, hard working, admit when I got it wrong etc! At least I hope it does!


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                    I hope you prove me wrong
                    'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'


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                      Thanks, I hope so!


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                        As long as you've got a B in Maths and B in Physics or Double Science at GCSE you're fine. If it helps my A Levels are in Geography, Law and English


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                          Law sounds interesting! They're gravitating to the fact that maths and physic are listed as a preferred subject so my application is much stronger with both than with just physics... Telling them that they're overthinking it wasn't a good call either!

                          I got B in maths and A in physics at gcse, plus a whole bunch of others in A to B and a c in french


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                            If you feel you can pull your physics up a bit from a D with a resit I would focus on that rather than resit the AS maths. I got a B in maths at gcse, and BB in double science. I got three C's at A level in business, history and psychology. I'm going to be on the foundation engineering course this year at STC I do have an nvq and diploma in land based engineering though... Which I think showed I could get my head round some maths/physics. I don't think you will have a problem securing a place with a physics a level if you can demonstrate your dedication and interest in the career. I'm sure that won't be too hard as you are already a member of this forum and asking very good questions!

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                              Haha thanks, I think the plan is to work like there's no tomorrow on physics, and read up on some maths before I start, if that's the case. I'm a fairly senior cadet at our local air cadet squadron, so I have the leadership and thinking skills from that to boost me as well!