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    I'm about to start my final year of college (scary thought!), and all my friends are about halfway through their UCAS applications, and I'm beginning to get a little stressed about my applications!

    I'm looking to apply for the september 2014 intake, and I was wondering how far in advance the application stage opens. I've seen the list of companies at, and on the Warsash website (where I'd like to go if possible), and some don't exactly make it clear where to go to find out more than the fancy words designed to draw you in??

    If somebody knows when companies tend to open up, and where the applications pages might be hidden, I'd be incredibly grateful!


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    Hmm, yes, having just popped over to the careers at sea website and followed links on the first company they list (BP) it does seem to come to a bit of a dead end at this point! However, they do have a set of suggested links at the bottom, one of which is "View Jobs" following that, I found a list of all jobs available including... Trainee deck and engineering officers! Don't quite understand the bit about Singapore, but it also says repeatedly Home Based (UK) There's a button at the bottom of the page saying "Apply to job(s)" So I reckon that'll take you to an application form!

    I'm not about to go and hunt them all out for you, but I can assure you there will be an application form or an address/email address to write to to request an application form somewhere on every site, you're just going to have to be a bit tenacious and hunt them out! Alternatively, when you expand the details of each company on the careers at sea website they do actually give a contact email address!

    The general school of thought on here is "Apply early and apply lots" However, before you go filling out forms etc, I strongly suggest you read this excellent piece by our very own Harmless Weasel and take that advice to heart

    Best of luck and welcome to the forum! S4
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      Suppose it's partly designed to weed out the numpties! Thanks for the advice and the links!


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        If you go to the articles section and look for the company profiles, I've tried to include a direct link to the application from for each company.
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          As far as I could tell, applications for September 2014 open whenever they receive the first application. Maersk have already had over 700 applications for next year! With regards to BP, I had the same issue last year. Their applications opened around Christmas time. Use the job page and set up an email alert so you can get instant notification of when applications open. Just be prepared to wait a while for a response. Some companies I had to wait nearly six months for a response (and they weren't all negative)! Good luck


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            Thanks CD and Weasel, I'll take a look at both!