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HNC/D Engineering Phases.

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  • HNC/D Engineering Phases.

    Could anyone tell me the lengths of each phase in regards to your 3 year course?

    How long phase 1-2-3-4-5 lasts?


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    Re: HNC/D Engineering Phases. ... chemes.pdf

    Page 11 on that document should provide the info your after.

    And from what UK_Academic was saying in a post earlier, that is the updated program for the new 5 phase HND course.


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      Re: HNC/D Engineering Phases.

      Cheers mate, I am going to GCNS will it be the same situation their yi think?


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        Re: HNC/D Engineering Phases.

        I would have thought the college terms would be pretty much the same.

        This ... _cadetship should give you the colleges' information about the course.

        or you can contact Caroline Alderdice or John Sweeney, on Tel: 0141 565 2650. Email: [email protected] with any further questions.

        Do we have any one from GCNS in the forum?

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          Re: HNC/D Engineering Phases.

          Im at GCNS and this is what the HND folk all do....
          Roughly: -
          Phase 1 lasts six months
          Phase 2 lasts five months
          Phase 3 is one academic year (i.e. 9 months)
          Phase 4 is 10 months
          Phase 5 is 3 months
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