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Last minute cadetships.

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  • Last minute cadetships.

    So, I don't know what to do. Viking Recruitment called me today, asking me if I was still interested in a cadetship. I haven't signed my contract yet for Clyde Marine. Can anyone give me more info on Viking?
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    Re: Last minute cadetships.

    I had an interview with them, they mainly recruit for holland america line and fred olsen, both very reputable cruise lines.
    I would go for it if you are looking to get into cruises, really nice interviewer too.
    Good luck and let me know how you get on!
    Btw, fellow girl im guessing always a good thing lol, where you looking at going?


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      Re: Last minute cadetships.

      If you haven't signed anything concrete with Clyde yet then I'd certainly recommend you to attend an interview if they've offered it.
      After all it won't do any harm to at least hear what they have to say for themselves, and you never know, it might just be a better offer than that with Clyde.
      Speaking of them in Govan, have they given an indication of which company you'll be placed with yet?


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        Re: Last minute cadetships.

        samjh - I've heard lots of good news about Viking, and lots of bad news about CMT. Hopefully in the end, I get to study in Glasgow, PD or HNC/HND, depending on how my maths exam went, and get a job in the end (: & it's nice to hear there's lots of girls interested!

        Malim Sahib - I heard from a few people on Facebook that you don't find out until around about the time of your first sea phase who you're sponsored by. I think I will organise an interview with Viking, I'm not signing that CMT contract until I have an interview with them. Do you think and interview would be arranged quite quickly?
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          Re: Last minute cadetships.

          Quite possibly.
          They often ask if you've applied to anyone else and if a reasonably quick interview isn't forthcoming you can always say something like you'd applied for and been accepted by Clyde, but would really appreciate the opportunity to apply for Viking etc.
          It won't do any harm and the worst thing they can do is say no.


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            Re: Last minute cadetships.

            TBH, for me if it was my choice, I'd go to Viking. It depends if you definatly don't want to go cruise lines, or weather you don't mind

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              Re: Last minute cadetships.

              Clyde were very coy about sponsors with my group; we didn't get told until 2 weeks after starting at college.
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                Re: Last minute cadetships.

                AFAIK Viking only do the PD/FD option, so that's something to bear in mind.

                I imagine the money during the cadetship might be better too...
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                  Re: Last minute cadetships.

                  For the uninitiated, what's a 'PD'? Is this the HND?


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                    Re: Last minute cadetships.

                    PD is a Professional Diploma, Scottish version of the Foundation Degree ( I think :-S )
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                      Re: Last minute cadetships.

                      1. Viking pay more than Clyde... [most people don't need to read the rest]
                      2. Viking per se, only do cruise ships (though the Chiltern and London Maritime and Conway bits; and of course, Trinity House, do all sorts)
                      3. Even if you'd signed, the contract is one that both parties can withdraw from, with some compensation either way... if you haven't been given anything, then you don't owe anything, do you? (apart from an apology perhaps!)

                      (I'd go further than Malim) If you say at interview, you've been offered CMT (and leave it at that...), but are attracted by what Viking offer etc... won't hurt you at all. You don't need to tell everyone everything every time. They're ringing up you and loads of others trying to catch up and fill their ranks, and will probably lean towards those who sound like they're pickable - which is exactly how you'll sound if you have an offer for them to beat.

                      I doubt your treatment will vary much between them... Viking just offer more money, and money talks. I wouldn't feel much sympathy for CMT, they deserve to be treated as the worst option until they take the hint and respond positively to improve what they offer.
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