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  • Deck apprentice interview

    Hello, I have an interview with princess cruises, and I would like to know if anyone has any info and things I should study on for my interview. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the site!

    First off, can I ask have you had any interviews with any other companies?

    Have you had a look at The Big Interview Tips Thread? -
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      Hello! I've never had anything to do with princess but as a rough guide:

      While they won't be expecting a master mariner some basic knowledge about the ships in the fleet and the company- find out as much about them as you can- how many, where they operate, how many staff/ passengers.. anything and everything you can find.

      Some basic knowledge about the roles onboard- particularly the one you're heading for- what the job will entail, duties and so on, plus a rough knowledge of what a cadetship entails.

      Some basic knowledge about ships in general- types of propulsion, some basic bridge equipment, types of emergencies you might have to deal with and the like.

      Be prepared to answer questions on why you want the job, why you want to work for them, what your interests are, are you willing to work away for long periods, do you mind working in a multi cultural environment, any experience- other Jobs? Then examples of long term interests/ leadership, i.e Scouts/ Cadets/ DOE/ volunteering.


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        And yes the big interview tips thread is good!


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          Sorry about the late reply.
          I haven't had any interviews with any marine companies. I have had an interview with other companies.


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            Thanks Laura you've given me points to study on and helped me out a lot, thanks for your help.