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    Hi There

    Let me briefly outline my situation for you. I am 23 years old, graduated with a hospitality degree (yes i know smart choice and money well spent). Got employed by Princess in the pursers department where I realised that I loved being on a ship but I bloody well hated working on a reception desk.

    So ultimately the outcome of my cognitive process was that the best solution was to secure a deck cadetship and get my CoC altough I realise I may be a bit late for the September 2013 intake.

    I have only one slight doubt and it is as follows. I have done quite a bit of research online and on this forum and every now and then the topic of training too many cadets surfaces. I have searched for 3rd Officer positions and I came up with very few results plus the positions I found all require time already served outside a cadetship as a 3OFF.

    So what are the actual prospect of completing a cadetship in 3-4 years time with CoC and securing that first 3OFF position if I was to go through a training agency rather than a specific company with a (semi)guaranteed position at the end of it.


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    I take it youve ruled out jobs like ships accountant or the stock control roles. The training is a lot shorter than becoming a deck officer.
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      Yes accounting and stock control does not really excite me. My job was basically accounting as is my job at the moment.


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        Given your passenger ship background you probably have a good chance of securing a cadetship with a passenger ship company. As far as I am aware the big companies like Carnival are offering jobs to all of their cadets at the end of their training programs and therefore you would not have to worry about finding a job as a newly qualified officer.

        I don't think that there are many officers out there who could NOT find work when the qualified - sure, some had to wait a while but a qualified deck officer is infinitely more employable than a new hospitality graduate! (no offense intended!)
        Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.


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          Cheers HolyNougat and no offense taken I completely agree with you as a degree in hospitality is as much use as a chocolate teapot.


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            There definitely are enough jobs out there for newly qualified Officers , it might not be exactly what you want or exactly the dream career path but a start is a start and you will find one sooner rather than later.