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    Originally posted by zuluonezero View Post
    I have asked CMT if I can change my interview location to Southampton though.
    I was about to suggest exactly that. I was also waiting forever for an interview in London, but just rang up and asked if there was anywhere else where I could have an interview sooner. Got one the following week or so, so hopefully you shouldn't have to wait too long


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      Okay, sorry for slipping under the radar for a bit but I've had a busy couple of weeks. I can however confirm that my CMT interview is on Wednesday, and I'll be kicking around Southampton for the 2 days after for the open day at Warsash on Friday. I've been studying like a thing possessed, I've typed up all my notes, got a folder full of certificates and photocopies and course reports. So yeah, fingers crossed it should go okay, I've had a fair few interviews with the army and always got on okay with them so yeah, here goes.
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