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  • GuinnessMan
    To be honest, I think you've missed the intakes for this year. You may be lucky and be in with a chance for a January start, but realisitically, you're looking at a start next September at the earliest.

    Perhaps it's worth phoning around a few of the sponsor companies and checking they've received your application?

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  • zuluonezero
    started a topic Tips/Advice


    Right, so I'm in need of some advice. I'm looking to become a deck officer cadet in the merchant navy or RFA but I'm a bit stuck. About 8 weeks ago I decided that a career at sea was for me and so I went about filling in various application forms for different sponsor companies (about 10). And I've heard back from 2.

    Now one of these is the RFA and at current I'm just waiting for a SIFT interview date, so its all good there, but with everything else I just seem to be waiting. It's a bit frustrating reading how everyone else on here seems to be going off to college in September and I can't bear the thought of being left with nothing but a part time job come September when all of my friends go off to uni and the like.

    So, is there anything I can do to speed up the whole process? Or anywhere other than the college websites that I can look for sponsors?

    Thankyou very much and any replies will be greatly received.

    Z 1-0