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    Dear Friends,

    This forum has already been a great help to me, but there are still a few things I would like to ask about my Sift interview - if that is okay.

    I believe I need to know the training pipeline for deck officer cadet. All I know is that after 7 weeks at BRNC I would 'pass out'.

    Then I believe I would have 5 phases of training and I would either be based in Fleetwood or Portsmouth?
    The phases look like this; Phase 1 = 7 months, Phase 2 = 5 months (4 of these are at sea), Phase 3 = 9 months, Phase 4 = 5 months (4 months at sea), Phase 5 - 6 months.

    Do I also need to know the route of promotion in any more detail than; Third Officer, Second Officer, First Officer (In charge of an entire department on a ship), Chief Officer (Oversees most of the ship's functions), Captain (In command of a ship), Commodore (Highest officer rank in RFA) ?

    People may say that I need to do more research, but I just can't manage to find this information out (perhaps I am just bad at Google searching)

    I hope it is not wrong to post these questions here, and I hope that someone can help me.

    Many Thanks.

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    Have a look at the RFA/RN's website. It'll tell you all you need to know about the RFA and the Naval Service. As a rule of thumb, if you can't find it out from their website (or other literature that the RFA Recruitment office send you), they won't expect you to know it.

    After a few weeks at BRNC, you will do your cadetship at Fleetwood. Once you get your OOW, You'd become Third Officer(X).

    Head of department can be 1/O or C/O depending on the department. eg C/O(X) is head of the Deck Department whereas 1/O(L) would be head of the Logistics and Supply department.

    Capt(X) is the Master and Commanding Officer of the vessel, but the Chief Engineer Officer of the ship also has the rank of Captain.
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      Many thanks Geordie, that is helpful.

      I ask about phases because post No.5 on this thread breaks down what is learnt in each phase for engineering officers.
      I am guessing that phase 1 for deck will be firefighting, first aid and navigation whilst phase 3 might be more about electronic aids, but I am just guessing.
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